During Production inspection (DPI)

During Production inspection (DPI)

Why perform a DPI?

The main objective of this examination is to timely apply corrective actions if needed. Besides, DPI allows you the opportunity to do improvements in quality.

  • Re-assure that deadlines will meet.
  • Keep control of the production process.
  • Take corrective actions if needed.

Elements of During Production Inspection Service:

  • DPI is executed when 40%-60% of the production process has complete. It gives a detailed look at the manufacturing process, the type of material used, and the quality checks before the final product.
  • This inspection service identifies the entire production process in detail.
  • It is ideal where the production process requires precision and strong quality checks.
  • DPI also confirms the production capacity of any supplier to the buyer.
  • Quality of the equipment used in the production process.
  • All quality measures that are specified by the buyer are considered or not.